Lightering LLC
Houston-based Lightering LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Seaways, Inc.

Lightering LLC is focused on the commercial management of “STS Full Service” crude/DPP vessels, “STS Service Support Only” lightering operations, and other maritime logistics requirements for clients. The Lightering Team carries out operations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Atlantic Coast, U.S. West Coast, and throughout Panama and Bahamas.

Out in the field, the Lightering Team includes a number of mooring masters and mooring master assistants, who ensure that all cargo transfer operations are conducted safely and efficiently.

To date, Lightering LLC has completed over 6000 lightering operations and safely transferred almost 6 billion barrels of crude oil, products, and gas to refineries and storage facilities on behalf of major oil companies, independent refiners, oil traders, and other energy sector companies.